Vanilla is cultivated in semi-wooded areas, always under shadow. Cultivation conditions are purely tropical and there is a wide variety of bordering shadow trees, so is the variety of its complex aromas and flavours.
Cultivation in stablishment. Not available for 2015.


There is not known a pre-Columbinan use of the vanilla as a condimentary plant, but the quantity of native vanilla species is exceptional, as reported by French explorer Jean Césaire Geoffroy (1.790) , who indicated that Cartagena and Darien (today Uraba area) municipalities were one of the areas with higher quantity of natural vanillas. We have seen that Geoffroy ‘s indication is correct in all the Colombian territories, in the recent scientific studies in which Bioandes has participated with Colombian universities and institutions. Location of native vanilla in Colombia
Colombian vanilla has a high natural content of vanillin and a complex organoleptic profile.
Vanilla cultivation is promoted as an alternative crop in forest areas that need protection. This cultivation becomes a good income to resident farmers, but it does not weaken local ecological conditions since the vanilla plant needs the shadow and microclimate generated by the trees for its development.


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