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Our products are from Bioandes own plantation and our associated farmers
It is very important for Bioandes to establish long term relationships with our farmers and producers, seeking to improve their quality of life through sustainable production of agricultural products and an equitative price for their products, just like an equitative payment for our workers. We provide constant training for a sustainable crop management, based in the respect for the soil and reduction or elimination of chemical materials, guiding them for the convertion in order to be able to offer organic certificated products. We help independent producers to establish their plantations, providing vegetable material, guiding them with technical assistance and diagnostic tools, until production and we are compromise to purchase from them their product, as long as it complyes with the quality requirements demanded by Bioandes Send us an email if you want more information.
"Thanks to the income received from cardamom I have built my house, get married and have the opportunity to offer a better future for my baby"

e-mail: info@bioandes.com

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