was founded in 2004 with the objective of cultivating strategic raw materials for the ingredient and exotic food industry, fragrances and flavors. Our company is dedicated to the promotion, cultivation and trade of different agricultural products that target the international market of food ingredients, exotic foods, fragrances and flavors, processing it and trading in the international market.
We do research and apply it to the agricultural production of raw materials. We grow, produce and transform with sustainability and estimulate our farmers with a fair distribution of the products and equitative income.


Our mission is to promote, produce and sell agricultural non traditional products in the international market of spices, essential oils and exotic food, looking for long term relationships with producers and customers, offering them healthy products, friendly with the environment and socially responsible. We establish strong relationships with the farmers and obtain long term sustainability, with is the key for our competitivity.


We are working towards becoming a leader company in the international trading of Colombian agricultural products, based on equitative price models with farmers, the preservation of the environment and sustainable production.


Thanks to the tropical climate conditions of our country we can grow and harvest a great variety of products, friendly with the environment and healthy. Under currently climatic change conditions, dry and rain tradicional periods have been altered and in Colombia it has become in short seasons of precipitation alternationg with short dry periods. Our cardamom crops, under shadow, seeking for soil protection, are adapted to this singular new environment and produce with regularity, ALL YEAR ROUND. When the dry season is excessive due to the “Niño” phenomenon, we irrigate in order to resist the effect with the valuable water that we protect from the streams.


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